Leave alone the rampant fire incidents in Nyayo Highrise Ward, Lang’ata Constituency, Security matters among other crimes have been incredibly a worse situation in this same area. ETCO - Empower The Community took an initiative earlier today to have a community discussion on security matters (following the recent incident of the old man,a father, brother to someone etc, who was stabbed to death)... a sad situation in deed...!!!

The following points were raised and needed urgent handling/response.

1. Report Criminal suspects to relevant authorities...

Members of the community shouldn't allow someone to disrupt peace in your area...

2. A security committee be formed to secure our areas & businesses.

3. Friends to encourage each other to find a hustle (Young people to try seeking for jobs or create one if possible).

4. If there are community job opportunities, they should be distributed evenly without bias.

5. Community members to support youth initiatives.

6. Police & Community Dialogue should be organized at least once or twice a year.

7. Parents/Guardians/Kinsmen to take full responsibility of their family members.

8. Substance abuse should be curbed to reduce crime rate....

9. Encourage our young people to endeavor attaining the highest levels of education they can. No much can be achieved with less or no education.

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