Feed a Kid Saturday (1st Event at our Office)

Schools are closed and the number of children at our Feed a Kid Saturday's program is growing. There is more need for life skills talks, feeding and non-food donations and children monitoring.

From about 200 kids to nearly 300. This raises the need to get as much food as we can to ensure that they never lack something to eat once they come to us. We are always grateful to our supporters both in kind, financial and referrals.

It is always so impressive and encouraging to realize that these kids are able to trace us even if we move to a new location. They never want to play very far away from ETCO Office (Our new area of operations).

This makes us happy and it's the reason why we have to be there for them.

We endeavor to reach out to relevant facilitators, donors, partners and/or sponsors to help out as much as we can.

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