Smart Children Lacking Education Opportunity

During our Saturdays' children empowerment programs where we interact with at least 200 children a day, we realized that there were a lot of very bright but from very needy families. Most of the children were unable to go back to school due to lack of the required school materials fees included.

ETCO Started off the Education Program by sponsoring 5 children (Joash Olum Primary School - Kibera). We are aiming at sponsoring as many brilliant children from various informal settlement communities whose families are unable to fully provide their education needs - focusing on public schools to enable a better follow up of their performance both at home and in school.

Starting with Grade-1 in this Kenya's new education system of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), we expect to continue with the program yearly with at least 20 children sponsoredj. Some of the requirements and education materials include; books and other learning materials, shoes and shoe brush/polish, school uniforms, toys(for the daycare) among others.

We also plan to revive our Little Children Daycare Centre which provided kindergarten services in a very clean, secured, and safe environment at an affordable price.

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