People express their feelings in many different ways, so do actors and actresses. They use their talent and skills to educate, entertain or pass relevant messages to a target group. It may be a good inspiration to others. We hope to nurture many young talents and skills in the field of Theatre Arts and Film Production.

Aim at taking art to a higher level in the informal settlement communities, our survey has shown that relatively 98% of the Theatre Arts and Film Performance spaces are only available in the country's capital and universities but not in the informal settlement areas.

This has made it difficult for a lot of talented people both young and old to reach their full potential in the field.

We started with street acting/street shows and ended up attracting many people who showed interest in the acting industry. We

currently hire a space for rehearsals and live show activities as we hopefully work towards acquiring an enough space to build our own Theatre Hall where not only will greatly inspire generations but also change lives and create a sustainable livelihood.

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