Motivation Sunday

How privileged, an hohonour and a blessing to have Alex Chamwada (CEO - Chams Media) visit us. It was a nice interaction with the youth of Kibera. Offering encouraging talks on career path and passion. Ensuring that we are motivated enough to become as productive as we can.

He couldn't just stop at M'Baba Restaurant, he had to talk a walk around including visiting ETCO Office, Silanga Fitness Centre (Work in progress ).

He had fun spending his Sunday in Kibera jumping, running and enjoying the livelihood...

Sometimes it's not about dining at high tables with other seniors that brings happiness, but it's fulfilling to reach out to others in style... in your own ways.

We always get our business ideas and learn more about life experiences through your shows: Daring Abroad, Usirika, The Chamwada Report...

Thank you so much Chams and stay blessed.

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