Feed A Kid

Children Empowerment Program is one of the major activities we do every Saturday to no only keep the children engaged most of their weekend but also teach them life skills, identify various talents, listen to them as we discuss their challenges and most importantly cook for them.

We have at least 200 children (9 - 19 years) every Saturday and we endeavor to invite different facilitators to talk to them. We also understand how important the food is to these children because we realized that some of them only eat one meal a day (some times, its the only meal they have that they are sure of apart from eating in school of which as at now, most of public schools in Nairobi County have no food allocation budget).

Gathering them and engaging in various activities helps them from getting involved in many vises such as peer pressure, early pregnancies, substance abuse and crime, especially when schools were closed indefinitely.

Starting with Kibera, we expect to do such activity programs in many other informal settlement communities.

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