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ETCO team in the community

ETCO is an NGO focused on reducing crime, substance abuse, and poverty through environmental care, education, sports development, arts, and business innovation. Our programs include community outreach, food and non-food donations, as well as talent searches in sports and music. Our approach provides both short and long-term positive impact on communities.

Our Team

Collince Onyango photo

Collince Onyango


Country Director

Fatna Juma photo

Fatna Juma

Hospitality Director

Child Empowerment Program Manager

Kemble Negan photo

Kemble Negan

Non-Executive Director

Programs/Projects Advisor

Maggy Tassia photo

Maggy Tassia

Art & Culture Director

Founder & Producer ETCO Theatre

Moseti Nyaenya photo

Moseti Nyaenya

Programs Manager

Assistant ICT Director

Asha Hassan photo

Asha Hassan

Community Health Volunteer (CHV)

Gender Based Violence Teacher

Joseph Tako photo

Joseph Tako

Executive Director

Projects Advisor

Alex Deveraux photo

Alex Deveraux

Partnership Director

Legal Aid Consultant

Andrew Mmanyi photo

Andrew Mmanyi

Sports Director

Assistant Chairperson

Operations Manager

Raphael Opiyo photo

Raphael Opiyo

Environmental Director

Gender Based Violence Teacher

Lucas Opal photo

Lucas Opal

ICT Director

Children Mentor