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Our mission is to improve the lives of those in informal communities through education, arts, sports, and business skill development.

We help communities address the roots of poverty, substance abuse, and crime. Whilst providing tools to keep their environment clean and safe.

Our work is made possible by people like you


Help Millie to go to school.

Millie is a gifted girl in Nairobi's Kibera slums who has the chance to attend a four year course at one of the best schools in Nairobi. We aim to raise £600 to cover everything needed for her course and set her on track for a bright and thriving future.

Our Programmes

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Child Empowerment

ETCO's children's empowerment programs provide health and safety education, support, and a meal to at least 350 children in Kibera Slums each Saturday. These programs address the vulnerabilities faced by unsupervised children during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, peer pressure, internet misuse, and substance abuse.

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Donations of Food and Esssential Goods

Our organization serves vulnerable families in Nyayo Highrise Ward, providing female children with female hygiene products and education on reproductive health risks. We also engage male children in positive activities and healthy lifestyle curricula to reduce the risk of substance abuse, peer pressure, and suicide attempts due to depression. We are grateful to our partners and donors who support these efforts.

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Education Sponsoring

ETCO provides education sponsorships for 20 bright and talented children from primary school through secondary school. Our model of supporting a specific number of students throughout their academic careers demonstrates our commitment to follow-up and empowerment. Each term, it costs approximately 5000 KES to send a child to school.

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Computer Center

ETCO has set up a Computer Center in Kibera to provide; IT skills and knowledge, employment opportunities and connect the community members to the world.

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Eco Community

Uncollected waste materials raise concerns on environmental degradation and public health issues in Kibera ,where a big share of the population still suffers from lack of adequate waste collection services. Researchers have reported that the collection rate is 33 percent and around 2,690 tons of waste remains uncollected every day. Uncollected solid waste has also led to the blockage of drainage channels and main tributaries to the Nairobi Dam which has impacted and deteriorated the biodiversity of the ecosystem of the project affected areas. This situation has led to spontaneous, informal clean-up activities in the Kibera community, which has had limited effectiveness. More urgent measures are needed to protect the health and safety of residents and restore the environmental integrity of the Nairobi Reservoir.

Making a real difference.

With the help of our 14 volunteers over the past year, helping for more than 3,400 hours.



The number of children provided with meals.



The total amount of people helped by our programmes.


33 tons

The total amount of food we provided.

Latest News

Cover Image for Week 8 - Damaris Mungai's Visit

Week 8 - Damaris Mungai's Visit

It's an honor to not only receive visitors on this day, but also celebrate a birthday with Mrs. Damaris Mungai - Officer UNEP and her friends and relatives. Our children have had a privilege to hear encouraging words and stories of personal experiences from the visitors; Antony, Nahashon, Tito, Soila, Nash, and the Kenyan International Paralympics' Henry Wanyoike and others. We also had Tony Machaha and Chris from Ecologists Without Boarders - EcoWB, Monika - Founder of Kibera Creative Arts (KiCA) visiting us. Perfomances from the children themselves and our own local star Peter Waweru - VIrusi Mbaya.

Collince Onyango
Cover Image for Week 7 Children Feeding Program

Week 7 Children Feeding Program

It's mid-week, with a bit of unfavorable economy and sunny season (Very hot), but we are grateful for always having a moment to share meals together. Thank you so much Joseph (Joe) Tako for the support. It's been a good day for us.

Collince Onyango