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Solid waste is becoming a major problem in informal settlements like Kibera. In Kibera, waste that is not properly collected is carelessly thrown into water channels that flow into Nairobi Rivers and eventually accumulates in Nairobi Dam. As part of our Environmental Care Program, we make an effort to organize a community clean-up program in Kibera at least once a month, aiming to control at least 70% of the garbage.

The accumulation of uncollected waste in Kibera raises concerns about environmental degradation and public health issues, especially since a large portion of the population lacks proper waste collection services. Researchers have found that only 33% of waste is collected, leaving approximately 2,690 tons of waste uncollected each day.

The uncollected solid waste has also resulted in the clogging of drainage channels and main tributaries that lead to the Nairobi Dam. This has had a negative impact on the biodiversity of the affected areas, leading to degradation of the ecosystem. In response, the Kibera community has taken up spontaneous and informal clean-up activities, but their effectiveness has been limited. It is crucial to take more immediate measures to protect the residents' health and safety, as well as restore the environmental integrity of the Nairobi Reservoir.

More Programmes

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Computer Center

The rapid changes occurring in society, culture, and economy are largely driven by technological advancements. The internet enables global connections and plays a crucial role in our current environment. ETCO Computer Centre provides computer education to individuals within the community. We offer computer courses for both adults and children, in addition to providing internet access services.

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Education Empowerment

During our regular involvement in diverse activities at ETCO, we identify talented and underprivileged children. Subsequently, we actively seek out means to provide ongoing support for their education. We actively pursue partnerships, sponsorships, and donations to ensure these children have uninterrupted access to schooling, including covering fees and acquiring necessary learning materials. Our goal is to enable these students to receive an education without any hindrances, fostering their development and creating opportunities for their future.