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Computer Center

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To support the community, a computer center has been established in Kibera. It offers computer skills training and various services, facilitating job opportunities and connecting community members to the global community.
Free computer lessons are provided for children in Grade 6, while adults can enroll in affordable classes that help cover administrative costs.
The organization ETCO has established a Computer Center in Kibera to provide IT skills and knowledge, employment opportunities, and foster global connections within the community.

More Programmes

Nairobi Resevoir Reclamation Project

Empower the Community (ETCO), has united with various other organizations, including EcoWB, Power Engineers, NRC, local community groups, and dedicated community members. Together, they are steadfastly committed to reclaiming the once-beautiful Nairobi Reservoir and its surrounding waterways. The goal is to address waste and environmental damage, transforming this vital resource into a space for recreation and other beneficial uses by the local residents. Through collaborative efforts, they aim to restore the reservoir's natural beauty and enhance its significance within the community.

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Eco Community

ETCO recognizes and respects the natural world and places great importance on maintaining a healthy environment. We mobilize members of the community to actively participate in initiatives focused on environmental conservation, such as community clean-up campaigns and tree planting activities. In addition, we raise awareness among community members about the significance of living in a clean and favorable environment. We have developed a project called Stage 1 of the Nairobi Dam Conservation Project, which entails the construction of barriers along the dam's tributaries to prevent solid waste from entering the dam. The primary objective of this project is to revive the dam and enable the reuse of its water for domestic purposes, as well as for recreational activities like water sports, sailing, swimming, and fishing, among others.