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Child Empowerment

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The lives of people have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, causing disruptions in their daily routines culturally, socially, and economically. Job losses and the closure or virtualization of schools have had a particularly challenging impact, especially on children living in informal settlements like Kibera Slums. These children often lack supervision while their parents or guardians are at work, making them susceptible to negative influences such as peer pressure, misuse of the internet, and substance abuse.

To tackle these problems, ETCO organizes empowerment programs for children on Saturdays. These programs involve local facilitators who provide health and safety education, as well as support to the children in the community. Moreover, ETCO ensures that every child who participates in the program receives a meal, as many families are facing food insecurity.

ETCO's Saturday programs cater to a minimum of 350 children, aiming to empower them by addressing the vulnerabilities they face during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, including peer pressure, internet misuse, and substance abuse.

More Programmes

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Eco Community

ETCO recognizes and respects the natural world and places great importance on maintaining a healthy environment. We mobilize members of the community to actively participate in initiatives focused on environmental conservation, such as community clean-up campaigns and tree planting activities. In addition, we raise awareness among community members about the significance of living in a clean and favorable environment. We have developed a project called Stage 1 of the Nairobi Dam Conservation Project, which entails the construction of barriers along the dam's tributaries to prevent solid waste from entering the dam. The primary objective of this project is to revive the dam and enable the reuse of its water for domestic purposes, as well as for recreational activities like water sports, sailing, swimming, and fishing, among others.

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Computer Center

The rapid changes occurring in society, culture, and economy are largely driven by technological advancements. The internet enables global connections and plays a crucial role in our current environment. ETCO Computer Centre provides computer education to individuals within the community. We offer computer courses for both adults and children, in addition to providing internet access services.