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Donations of Food and Esssential Goods

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Since February 2020, our organization has been assisting around 13,900 vulnerable families in Nyayo Highrise Ward and nearby areas. One of our primary focuses is protecting young girls from exploitation due to their basic needs, such as sanitary pads. We supply girls with feminine hygiene products and educate them about the dangers associated with early or unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. We express our gratitude to the women's organizations we collaborate with, as well as other generous contributors who help us in these endeavors.

Furthermore, we have observed that young boys face a greater risk of substance abuse, peer pressure, and even suicide attempts as a result of depression. In order to address these concerns, we involve boys in positive activities such as sports and provide them with educational materials on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These resources are donated by volunteers and sponsors from the local community. The aim of these initiatives is to minimize the likelihood of negative life experiences and promote healthy behaviors.

Our organization is dedicated to supporting vulnerable families in Nyayo Highrise Ward. We provide female children with feminine hygiene products and reproductive health education, while also engaging male children in positive activities and teaching them about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are thankful to our partners and donors who contribute to these efforts.

More Programmes

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Eco Community

ETCO recognizes and respects the natural world and places great importance on maintaining a healthy environment. We mobilize members of the community to actively participate in initiatives focused on environmental conservation, such as community clean-up campaigns and tree planting activities. In addition, we raise awareness among community members about the significance of living in a clean and favorable environment. We have developed a project called Stage 1 of the Nairobi Dam Conservation Project, which entails the construction of barriers along the dam's tributaries to prevent solid waste from entering the dam. The primary objective of this project is to revive the dam and enable the reuse of its water for domestic purposes, as well as for recreational activities like water sports, sailing, swimming, and fishing, among others.

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Computer Center

The rapid changes occurring in society, culture, and economy are largely driven by technological advancements. The internet enables global connections and plays a crucial role in our current environment. ETCO Computer Centre provides computer education to individuals within the community. We offer computer courses for both adults and children, in addition to providing internet access services.