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Education Empowerment

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ETCO recognizes exceptional and gifted children through its programs and believes that ensuring a quality education is crucial for enhancing their future prospects. We understand that parents and guardians often face challenging choices regarding the allocation of their limited resources, and we aim to alleviate this burden by offering educational sponsorships to 20 children from their early years of primary school until they complete secondary school.

Our approach of supporting a designated number of students throughout their academic journey reflects our dedication to providing continued support and genuine empowerment. As each group of students successfully completes their fourth year of secondary education, we will welcome new students into the sponsorship program, guaranteeing that we consistently invest in the education of 20 students annually, starting from their first year of primary school until their final year of secondary school.

To cover expenses such as uniforms, supplies, and fostering a positive relationship between ETCO and local schools, it costs approximately 5000 KES per term to send a child to school.

ETCO offers education sponsorships to 20 intelligent and talented children, supporting them from primary school to secondary school. Our approach of providing sustained assistance to a specific number of students throughout their academic journey demonstrates our commitment to their progress and empowerment. The cost of sending a child to school per term, which includes uniforms, supplies, and fostering a positive relationship with local schools, is approximately 5000 KES.

More Programmes

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Eco Community

ETCO recognizes and respects the natural world and places great importance on maintaining a healthy environment. We mobilize members of the community to actively participate in initiatives focused on environmental conservation, such as community clean-up campaigns and tree planting activities. In addition, we raise awareness among community members about the significance of living in a clean and favorable environment. We have developed a project called Stage 1 of the Nairobi Dam Conservation Project, which entails the construction of barriers along the dam's tributaries to prevent solid waste from entering the dam. The primary objective of this project is to revive the dam and enable the reuse of its water for domestic purposes, as well as for recreational activities like water sports, sailing, swimming, and fishing, among others.

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Computer Center

The rapid changes occurring in society, culture, and economy are largely driven by technological advancements. The internet enables global connections and plays a crucial role in our current environment. ETCO Computer Centre provides computer education to individuals within the community. We offer computer courses for both adults and children, in addition to providing internet access services.