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Collince Onyango

Despite the onset of colder weather and the looming threat of rain and bad weather, today's children's feeding program at ETCO remained resolute in its commitment to ensuring the well-being of the young ones. As expectations of inclement weather grow, the dedication of our team only strengthens.

We are unwavering in our mission to provide a warm and nourishing lunch to the children every Saturday, regardless of the challenges that the changing seasons may bring. The program's steadfastness serves as a beacon of hope, promising consistent support and sustenance for the children during these trying times.

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Increase in participants for the feeding program.

The Saturday Children Feeding Program by ETCO saw a remarkable increase in the number of participating children today. This surge is attributed to the ongoing school closures, as many kids are a few weeks into their long holidays, making them reliant on such programs for meals.

Collince Onyango
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Community Engagement and Clean Up - Ngong Rivers

On November 20, 2023, a highly successful community discussions on the effects and opportunities brought about by poor drainage and waste management, and clean-up event took place, orchestrated through collaborative efforts with our esteemed partners, Power Engineers and Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB). This event was a testament to the impactful teamwork between these organizations, the German Embassy Ambassador via UN-Habitat, government bodies such as the Nairobi Rivers Commission (NRC), local community groups, and dedicated individuals. Notably, the active participation of the Nairobi Governor's 'Green Army' significantly magnified the event's positive impact.

Collince Onyango